The Running Playlist for Slowpokes

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Everybody’s running these days, right? (No, not you? Don’t feel bad. I don’t want to be running all that much, if it helps.) And there’s like, a race for everything. The whole Slap Me in the Face with Colored Chalk race, the Electrocute Me in Water After I Submit Myself to Frostbite race, and the I’ll Run All Night Long Because I’m a Norse God race – not to mention the Force Feed Myself A Ton of Hotdogs (or Krispy Kremes!) Whilst Trying to Run races.

Sarcasm aside, kudos to you if those are your thing. Me, well, I’m just trying to turn the dial from “sedentary” to “light physical activity”, and the less foofarah the better, I say. Luckily, my friend Lori sensed that I, like she, both hated running and felt a need to actually do it. A few weeks ago she approached me about doing the “Couch to 5k” app regimen with her, trading off on watching each other’s children. How could I say no? But oh, does misery love company, and it wasn’t too long before Tracey was roped in, too, so that now we all — in very theoretical theory — should be ready to run a 5k sometime this summer. Theoretically.

And hey, I’m doing it. I’m sorry if you were looking for some huge affirmation of, “Oh mylanta, people! Running is the most fulfilling thing and I now run barefoot and I will run 9 marathons in my life and endorphins!” I’m just not that person. Certainly not yet anyway. Again, props to you if you are. Sincerely. But I will say this: I’m glad I’m doing it. I do it in the mornings, and I do feel better throughout the day. I like having that time to myself, and I like getting outside more. I like the idea of making my body stronger and more capable, and I like setting goals to try new things with that stronger, more capable body. I like the simplicity of it, too; just get up, go.

But perhaps my favorite part is the music.

The music gives me more of a mood boost than the running, I think, and I love being able to have a solid half hour to just listen. I love moving steadily along with the beat, feeling connected to it. And I love bobbing my head without reservation when Jesse McCartney comes on, because how can you not?

So, here are a few standouts from my current playlist that I would certainly recommend you incorporate into yours. The full list is pictured above, and Tracey has graciously shared her sweet tunes as well, pictured below. (And Erika has a new phone, so she doesn’t have much to share right now, but she wants you to know that you can bet JT is on there, and for good reason.)

Go Do – Jonsi

I’ve mentioned this song on the blog before, but I’ll be darned if it wasn’t tailor-made for running. Even a grouchy runner like me lifts up her head, puts a spring in her step, and pushes herself just a little further. If you add no other, add this one.

One Day Like This – Elbow

A wake-you-up yet still relaxing song that has one of those fist-pumping builds at the end to make you feel like you’re running dramatically in slow motion. (Or just slowly in slow motion. That would be me. Have I made that clear yet?)

Learnalilgivinanlovin – Gotye

It doesn’t get more upbeat than this. Push play, and feel the energy coursing from your headphones, delivered with a smile. You’re welcome.

Hey Ya! – The Blanks

Note the artist here, because this is most certainly a cover. And don’t get me wrong, the original is great to run to — see Tracey’s below for proof — but I am sort of hilariously obsessed with low-key music. In fact, you’ll see that much of the stuff I run to most humans would never consider workout-worthy. However, I really find that having soothing music interspersed with the more high energy stuff helps me feel more like I’m doing something relaxing and fun rather than grueling. So, if that sounds like something that appeals to you, check out this (mostly) acapella cover from The Blanks.

As promised, here’s Tracey’s current running playlist. My faves? Wouldn’t It Be Nice  so awesome! — and If I Can’t Have You. Plus, while texting back and forth about this, we agreed that The Killers’ All These Things That I Have Done is a gem for running (it’s on her other workout playlist, in fact,) but really, most Killers stuff is a gem for anything.

Uninvited comment from Tracey:  Please take note of Grace Potter’s “Something That I Want” at the very end of my playlist.  Yes, that is the song from Tangled.  Lemme tell ya, this is the only way I get through the last 2 minutes and 43 seconds of my run. Because something that I want, at that point, is to be DONE.  It is happy, upbeat and inspiring.  I dare you not to feel motivated listening to this song.  Tracey out. 

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So yes, there should be more than enough there for the fellow fitness novices out there who are looking to expand their music library. What are some tunes that get you motivated to move? Any that are super embarrassing? Do tell.

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