Hey Megan! Get Yourself to Melvin’s Deli Comfort. Stat.

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We all know that we love pastrami around these parts. Hey Megan (that’s what we call her now) also loves pastrami, so we made it our mission to find more excellent salted cured meats in Austin.

Enter Melvin’s Deli Comfort.


Oh. My. Word. The sandwich gods have sent down angels to swelter in this little red trailer all in the name of providing Austin with amazing sandwiches. For realz. The serve pork confit and duck confit. From a trailer. Thank you Melvin’s for upping the sandwich standard in Austin.

Ok . . . here’s what we ate.

Ben refuses to order the same thing as me so that meant we had to try two different things on their menu. He got the Hot Pastrami . . . stacked.

Melvin's Pastrami

As you can see, they are super generous with their meat. We could have easily shared this sandwich. The pastrami was AMAZING. It was tender and falling apart on the sandwich. This is a very good this. The pepper bark was fantastic and the smoked flavor enhanced without over powering. The house mustard is to die for as well as the soft rye bread they use to house the whole she-bang.

At the recommendation of the guy taking our order, I had the Croque Monsieur.

Croque Monsiuer

Rich, cheesy and delectable. I would 100% recommend this sandwich to anyone. The cheese. Oh, the cheese. So melt-y and perfect. The ham was sliced to the perfect thickness and blended with all of the other flavors on the sandwich. I will say, normally I would not eat a sandwich like this in 100 degree weather, but I’ll make an exception for Melvin’s.

Speaking of 100 degree weather, they have a great little setup for eating including multiple picnic tables, a shade and fans. They also pipe out tunes to enjoy as you eat. Parking is plentiful which is rare for the trailer scene. All in all, a great setup.

Due to their commitment to quality, they sometimes sell out. The guys in the trailer told us you are always welcome to call ahead to place your order. We arrived right before the rush and I can tell you, this may not be a bad idea.

Things you need to know.

 Address: Located at the corner of 53rd and Duval Rd.

 Cost: $20 for two sandwiches and chips

 Food: Upscale sandwiches. Worth the cost for the quality.

 Kid Friendly: Yes. However, I didn’t notice specific options for kids.

 Contact: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Melvins-Deli-Comfort/329838850457293


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