Cinco de Mayo Recetas, Parte Cinco: Easy (Lazy) Churros

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Last week. I texted my little sister (and Erika’s sister-in-law), Bethany, a picture showing a pan of churros.  Her response was, “I’d devour that entire pan.  GONE! You should send me the recipe.”

Since she sweetly endorsed our blog on Facebook today, I’m dedicating this recipe to her.

Easy Churros

The first thing you need to know about this recipe is that is completely unauthentic. Second, you can have churros in less than 20 minutes.  Third, the dough is frozen puffed pastry. You cannot screw this up. Finally, this recipe is baked – not fried.

Also, this is kind of visual, so Sarah sweetly demonstrated for us.

The first thing you do is buy yourself some puffed pastry.  I used Pepperidge Farm.  Thaw it according to the instructions on the box.

Once it’s thawed, lay it out on a lightly floured surface. Churros step one

You will find that it is already divided into three sections.  Don’t worry about rolling it out.  Just grab your handy pizza cutter and get to cutting.  We used a skewer to help us keep the lines straight.  Cut each section into thirds.

There is a restaurant in the same town as our alma mater called The Pizza Factory.

Sidenote: For all of you playing the “Are they Mormon?” game at home… yes. We are talking about Provo. Sarah and I both graduated from BYU and Erika graduated from BYU’s northern counterpart, BYU-I in Idaho.

Back to The Pizza Factory. They have fantastic bread sticks served on skewers.  Sarah and I knew that our churros needed to be served on skewers. For some reason I have a giant bag of them in my kitchen.  It’s like Mary Poppins’ bag — I just keep pulling the skewers out and they never seem to run out.

Churros step twoSimply wrap each strip around the skewer.  There is no right or wrong way to do it. Every single one of ours was different.

Next, place the on cookie sheet.  We used parchment paper but you could also just grease your pan.

Finally, bake at 450º for 8-10 minutes or until golden brown. While they are still warm brush them with melted butter and then sprinkle them with cinnamon sugar.  We found that it works best to put them on a plate to catch the sugar.  Then you can just reuse anything leftover.

Now because this recipe isn’t ridiculously awesome enough, we decided you might need a chocolate sauce for dipping.

At HEB (the greatest grocery store known to man) we can buy bars of Abuelitas Chocolate.  It is basically a bar of Mexican hot chocolate.; think hot chocolate with a hint of spice.   We simply melted it with some heavy cream over a double boiler and then added some milk chocolate chips to thicken it up. So decadent and delicious. (Sarah wants to add that she bought Abuelita’s a few times in Provo, so there’s a good chance it’s in your local grocer, too.  Check the Latino/Hispanic foods section.)

So there you have it Bethany.  You now have the churro recipe.  You better make it and then tell everyone it was amazing.

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