OCD: Grocery List edition (free printable)


So this ecard perfectly describes my life. Every single Sunday evening, I plan the meals for the upcoming week. Then, I take an inventory of everything I have and everything I need and smash all the items I need onto one very unorganized grocery list. Theeeeen, on a separate, clean sheet of paper, I write out every needed item based on where it is in the store.


And WHAT a hassle it is. It is quite a process, let me tell ya. I swear, I waste precious moments of all my Sunday nights going through this same routine. Each and every week. Then not so long ago, Tracey and I were chatting, and I hesitantly told her about my OCD tendencies. Mostly I was hesitant because I knew she’d judge my weirdness and call me a freak. But then, oh gracious gods of grocery shopping, she said she does the same thing! As long as I’m not alone in my OCD, then it’s alll gravy, baby.


But still, what a hassle! So we decided we needed a list to make things easier for us. A ready-made grocery list, with the categories already separated out into line-items based on where things are located in the store. And because we are in the business of giving our opinions freely and putting them where they don’t belong, we are giving you our grocery list. And 2 different versions of it. We know.


And, here’s a fun disclaimer: I do my grocery shopping at Walmart. Now, I know there are lots of people who are mortally and morally and whatever else against Walmart. If you are that people, just hear me out before you go and get your panties in a bunch. I am a poor newlywed and Walmart has the cheapest groceries I’ve found anywhere, by a long shot. I personally can’t afford to buy all my groceries from Whole Foods (or as my husband calls it, Whole Paycheck. Am I right? Seriously, break my bank, why don’t ya!). Walmart is very practical for my budget. Therefore, that’s where I buy my groceries. However, I will say that produce and deli at Walmart, almost always generally sucks. So. I go elsewhere for those items, unless I’m in a colossal rush. So anyway, what I was going to say is these particular grocery lists are in an order by which most Super Walmarts abide. If you would like a customized grocery list, in the order of whichever grocery store you shop at, leave a comment with the order you’d like, and we’ll try to get it over to you just as soon as we can 🙂

Christmas Printables

It’s freezing over here on the west coast today. Actually, it’s literally below freezing. I woke up to -8 today and the high is only 14. But here are some free Christmas printables to help make your spirits merry and bright, and hopefully a little warmer if you’re as cold as I’ve been all day.

Christmas_Printable_ColdOutside Christmas_Printable_ColdOutside2 Christmas_Printable_comfortandjoy Christmas_Printable_JoyWorld Christmas_Printable_JoyWorld2 Christmas_Printable_mayyourdays

Christmas_Printable_WonderfulTime Christmas_Printable_WonderfulTime2 Christmas_Printable_WonderfulTime3I have one printed out and sitting in a frame by my tree:



Back To School Printables

GuideHey guys! It’s been a long time since I went “back to school” and I don’t have any kids yet that I need to be sending off, so I don’t have much in the way of advice or wisdom on the subject. So my contribution to this week’s theme is printables! Back To School printables that you can take and use for yourself, for free! Whaaaa? Free stuff, again? Mmhmm! It’s my way of, just maybe, helping you and your youngin’s ease back into the world of waking up early, regular schedules, homework, and parent/teacher conferences.

Today we have Binder Covers, Homework Checklists, Morning Checklists, Nametags, Lunch Notecards, and an actual printable that you can frame. The best part is that they are all customizable. Tracey was kind enough to let me use her kids’ names as placeholders for now, but to get your kids’ names in these, just fill out the information at the bottom of this post in an email to me and I’ll customize it for you and send it your way in a timely manner : )

BinderCoverELLY HWChecklistELLY LunchCardELLY MorningChecklistELLY NametagELLY BinderCoverSAM HWChecklistSAM LunchCardSAM MorningChecklistSAM NametagSAMQuoteBTSBinder Covers (8.5″x11″) — To order, tell me: Which version you want; Your child’s name; Your child’s grade; Your child’s teacher’s name

Homework Checklist (8.5″x11″; we thought it would be really fun if you had it printed and then laminated and they could use it as a dry-erase board each week) — To order, tell me: Your child’s name

Lunch notecard (6″x4″; maybe a little cheesy, but my favorite part of school lunches growing up was when I got a surprise note from my mom telling me she hoped I was having a good day) — To order, tell me: Your child’s name

Morning checklist (8.5″x11″; same idea here with the lamination) — To order, tell me: Your child’s name; Any specific morning routine item that you’d like added

Nametag (3″x2.5″; we thought it’d be fun to make these the size of an Avery label and you could stick them on whatever your child needs it on. If you’re interested, let me know what size of Avery label you’d be using in your email and I’ll resize it to that) — To order, tell me: Your child’s name; Your phone number

Printable (5″x7″)

If you want the colors on any of these changed, I can do that too. Just let me know what color you want. The easiest way for me to get exactly what color you want is for you to go to this site, find the color you’d like, and then let me know the 3 RGB colors that correspond.

REMINDER: Don’t forget to enter our Back To School giveaway! It closes on Monday night. There’s still a fighting chance for you; there are only 42 entries so far!

Patriotic Printables

I am a huge fan of the 4th of July. Always have been. My first memory of the holiday was when I was 3 — we were living in Florida and my parents took us (my brother and me) to Stone Mountain in Georgia. I distinctly remember the faces in the mountain, which was just ginormous (I haven’t been back since, but I’m sure, much like the Disneyland castle, that the mountain has probably “shrunk” since I was last there). I remember going up in the cable cars with my dad to the top and getting “black stuff” on my hands, probably grease or something. I don’t remember the exact words that were said, but I remember having a very mature conversation with my dad on the cable car ride up. Mature to my 3-year-old mind, anyway. And I remember the laser show and the fireworks. Oh, those lasers and those fireworks! And Lee Greenwood. The very first time I ever heard Lee Greenwood — “….where at least I know I’m freeeee!”

The rest, as they say, is history! My love for the 4th of July has just grown since that day twenty-something years ago. And I daresay I’ve had some pretty cool Fourths. Fourth of July’s spent in our nation’s capital; something magical and nostalgic about the atmosphere. Fourth of July’s spent in my grandpa’s pool in Arizona, with the entire family. Fourth of July’s spent in the midst of Idaho farmland; farmland that reminds you just how hard we Americans have worked to get to where we are today. Fourth of July’s spent in Puerto Rico and South Africa — there’s nothing quite like celebrating the birth and independence of America overseas to make you appreciate just how truly great this country is! I really am proud to be an American, “lazy and stupid” as we may be.

So, in the interest of free stuff for MY second favorite holiday of all time, here are some Patriotic Printables (aptly named, dontcha think?) for you to take and use however your heart desires this 4th of July week. Enjoy them!

And don’t forget to enter our giveaway here! It closes tomorrow, and there’s still a pretty good chance you could win 🙂

As always, thanks for reading!

FreedomRing ProudAmerican

Father’s Day printables

fathersday2My dad is pretty great. I know, I know. You all probably have pretty great dads. But, I mean, really. My dad takes the cake as far as great dads go. For example. In my growing up years, almost every single night my dad would tickle my back (to this day, one of my favorite things) and sing lullabies or his favorite songs to help me fall sleep. To some of you (my husband included), this might sound kinda cheesy. And though cheesy it may be, those moments were the highlight of my day a lot of times. “Puff the Magic Dragon“, “Feelin’ Groovy“, “Lemon Tree“, and “Pooh Corner” were juuuuust a very few of my favorites. The “Chocolate Ice Cream Cone” song alwaaaaays made me tear up (that pooooor kid)! If it was ever raining (which wasn’t very often since I grew up in Arizona), dad would sing “It’s Rainin’ Again“. If he was going out of town, “I’m Leavin’ on a Jet Plane“. Seriously. Some of my very best memories.

My dad traveled every so often for work, and it was always bittersweet when he’d sing the “Jet Plane” song the night before a trip—sad because he’d be leaving for who-knew-how-long, but awesome because when he came back he’d have treats/presents! Some of my coolest gifts came from dad’s business trips. One time he brought back a yard stick of bubble gum. Yes. An entire yard of bubble gum. When you’re 8, that’s a looooot of bubble gum. One time he brought back the biggest bubble maker I’d ever seen! (It was similar to this and we loved it!) Another time, he brought back these cool little eagles that balanced just about anywhere by their noses. Again… when you’re 8 and living in the 90s, that’s a pretty sweet thing to get. When I was older, he brought me a beautiful, handmade, jewelry box from a trip to an African country. I still have it!

Now that I’m older, I’m beginning to understand just how special my dad is. I mean, I knew that when I was young too, but now I realize it for different reasons. I understand a little better the sacrifices he made for us. I am beginning to realize the amount of love and dedication he put into helping my mom raise and support our family. And I will be eternally grateful for the example that my dad was and still is to me of all things in this world that are good and worthwhile.

And so, to celebrate my pretty great really incredible dad this Sunday, I got him a pretty great gift, if I do say so myself. In the interest of not spoiling the surprise, I’m not going to disclosure what I got him on these here interwebs. But I’m excited for him to receive said gift come Sunday. And for those of you who haven’t had time or money yet to get your really incredible dads a gift, we’ve got your back! Here are some free printables just for you. They can be customized if you’d like them to be. For example, if you’d like a different color combination, just let us know! Or, if for some weird reason you’d rather use a picture of you and your own dad, instead of the picture of my dad and me or the picture of Tracey’s son and his dad, just send me an email with your picture and I’ll switch it out for you—you can find our emails on our About Us page.

And Happy Father’s Day to all you fathers out there—I’m sure you deserve it, and then some!

dadcard dadcardBEN fathersday1 anchor

Mother’s Day Printables

printablesMothersDaySo in keeping with our theme this week, I’d like to just say: I love my mom. I love my mom-in-law. I’m not a mom yet, but I’m excited to one day be a mom (not an announcement, just a sentiment). I’m not feeling very eloquent today, so I’m just going to let my Mother’s Day printables below do the talking. Happy Mother’s day to each and every one of you fabulous mothers and mothers-to-be out there (including future-mom-ME)!

If, this Saturday evening, you find that you have procrastinated and have no gift to give, feel free to print off any of these printables! Three of them print as a 5″x7″ and one prints as a 10″x10″. Slip it into a cute frame and you’re set!

MotherGod MothersDay MothersDayStripes TomorrowMothersDay

Cinco De Mayo Dream Party

We really wanted to have a Cinco De Mayo dinner party.  Unfortunately, we didn’t come up with the idea until, oh, Tuesday.  So instead we are going to share with you some links to the party we would have had if we were more organized.  And social.  Are we the only people that have great ideas for social occasions and then get exhausted just thinking about it?  Chances are on May 5th you will find us curled up in our pajamas sippin’ on some Horchata Milkshakes. (For real, if you haven’t made one yet, get on that.  Stat.)

Anyhow, to make up for our lack of planning – and because we are givers – Erika designed a couple of sweet little printables for you.  You can get your copy by clicking on each image,

Cinco De Mayo Printable

Pinata Printable

Holy Guacamole Printable

Sarah gifted us the “Holy Guacamole” drawing.  Don’t you worry!  There is a whole series on that coming soon.

Now, onto the rest of our Cinco De Mayo dream party.  Check out all of these fantastic ideas!

Embellished Cake Plate

Simple and cute: Embellished Cake Plate on The Thrifty Crafter

Pom Pom Napkin RingsA new take on those tissue pom poms: Pom Pom Napkin Ring on The Thrift Crafter

Mexican Candy Tasting

A great round up of easy party favors: Mexican Candy Tasting on theKitchn

Backyard Fiesta

This just says “party!”: Fiesta Backyard on Savvy Design West

Mini PinatasFestive yet elegant: Mini Pinatas on One Charming Party

Mexican Flag DipA simple, simple craft that fits the theme perfects: Mexican Flag Dip on Party Pinching

Mustache StrawsFor those with a sense of humor: Mustache Straws on Creative Converting

Tin Can SucculentsA more rustic centerpiece (and you can use one of our printables!) that you can distribute as unique party favors: Tin Can Succulents on Eliza K Prints

Painted Glass LuminariesA centerpiece you can use all summer long: Painted Glass Luminaries by Randi of Swoon on Dot Coms for Moms.