Food Magician

“Hey Megan” is back with another hysterical post. A post about a certain little food magician. A food magician that happens to be one of my very favorite little boys. If you are easily grossed out, proceed with caution. However, you should definitely proceed, because this kid is a riot.

This post is coming with a picture – a disgusting picture. 

Food Magician

I suggest you read the post and then come back and look at the picture, which will make you go “eww” and ask all sorts of questions like, “How did he do that?” and “How did she not see/smell/notice that?” Trust me, I know. My husband and I asked the same questions. Anyway, here’s the story about that gross picture.

Let me start by saying, I love my kids. I really, really do. I got one good eater out of my lot.  Literally, the youngest one. He is an AWESOME eater. To the point where it is actually alarming to watch him eat. But that’s it. He took all of the good-eating genes. The rest of my kids are TERRIBLE eaters. We almost never eat out because it is so not worth it. They just complain and then don’t eat. I enacted a “thank-you bite” program at my house (courtesy of my sister Brenya). That means that my kids have to take one “thank-you bite” of every side/vegetable and 5 “thank-you bites” of every main dish. There are some nights when my kids literally only eat 6 bites of food for dinner. (Did I mention they have my husband’s stubborn personality?) Now that I have painted that nice, rosy picture for you, let me talk about child number 3 – Jack.

Jack. I ADORE Jack. You cannot beat this kid’s personality. He LOVES being alive. Everything is fantastic to him. He is always happy and laughing. He looks up to everyone. But he hates food.  He hates food that is good for him. If I were to allow him a steady diet of cookies, candy, and ice cream, he would be totally fine. He tolerates cereal. He is required to finish his bagel and cream cheese at school. But dinner…Ugh. It is a battle. Now, Jack did not turn into a picky eater. I swear he was born this way. He was my most difficult child to nurse. He refused a bottle (and the pediatrician requested he take one bottle a day but even she gave up!). He literally turned orange during the baby food months because all he would swallow was carrots! He has always been a picky eater.

So, much to my surprise, one day about two and a half months ago, Jack became the champion eater. I mean champion. He finished faster than everyone, including his little brother (who, did I mention, could quite possibly be a professional eater?).  Not that I don’t trust my kids, but I did not trust him. He had suddenly become a food magician. I knew he was hiding that food somewhere. I mean finishing all of his steak in three minutes?? That was a three-day process in September! I checked toilets, garbage cans, the garage, everywhere! But found nothing. I watched him eat, but came up empty.

So, for Sunday dinner a few weeks ago we were having steak and corn on the cob. Jack gobbled up two ears of corn (the one out of two veggies he’ll eat – but just on the cob). He told me he was done and I looked at has plate and said, “Eat your steak”.  Thirty seconds later, he handed me an empty plate. Seriously?!? So I checked the table and on the floor I saw six pieces of steak. I told Jack to pick them up. The look on his face was sheer terror, which I couldn’t figure out. Then he handed me two pieces of steak. I asked, “Where is the rest of the steak?” (Meaning the other four pieces from the ground). Then Jack’s little brother – you know, the expert eater that watches EVERYTHING Jack does – piped in with, “Jack puts his food under the table, mom!” Click! My husband reached his hand under the table—in the little “pocket” where the table extender goes—and puled out two month’s worth of dinner.

Or at least the part of two-month’s worth of dinners that Jack refused to eat. So disgusting!!! 

Did it smell? Yes. Occasionally I would get a whiff so I would just clean out my fridge, my freezer, and my pantry.

Ants? Yep. But my pest control just kept coming back out. 

What did this food magician survive on? Apparently fruit and candy.

And that bagel at school . . . 

Stocking Stuffers Under $50

So the holidays are NUTS, am I right? And apparently that makes us bad bloggers. And for that, we are really, really sorry. Things like trips and weddings and shopping for gifts and spending time with family and baking for neighbors (and baking for myself) and making Christmas cards and in Tracey’s case editing photos and sitting in holiday traffic and packing for holiday trips… it’s actually all what makes the holidays the best! But it’s also what makes us bad bloggers. Come January, we’re gonna be back at this thing full force, arms a swingin’, dukes up, that sort of thing. (Along some pretty exciting changes too. At least that’s what we’re aiming for.) But, until then, enjoy a few posts sprinkled in here and there, like you enjoy some cinnamon and marshmallows sprinkled on top of your favorite hot chocolate. Today’s post was actually written last week, but hasn’t been ready to post until today. That’s how nuts these here holidays have been.

I am so excited about today’s post! We have stocking stuffers! Who doesn’t love opening their stockings on Christmas morning? I would argue it’s one of the best parts of Christmas. I love seeing what’s going to be stuffed inside that giant, fuzzy sock. Not to mention I love love love all the items I’ve picked out. I can only hope my stocking looks this good on Christmas morning. And I can only hope the same for my husband, also. Guess I better get on that, then.

All these items are under $50. And you’re welcome for that. What are some of the things you guys are going to put in your stockings this year?


01 . 02 . 03 . 04 . 05 . 06 . 07 . 08 . 09 . 10 . 11

01 and 02 – Bath and Body Works has some great stocking stuffers. And they always have great sales! And I die over all their Christmas/winter scents. The candy apple Christmas one might just be my favorite.

03 – Candle. Because.

04 – And perfume. Because. This one from Victoria’s Secret is the perfect little size to fit into a stocking and it smells amazing. I carry this exact one in my purse. It’s perfect for on-the-go.

05 – Who doesn’t want to spice up their passport a little bit? A passport case is such a cute way to do it.

06 – Jewelry box on the go? This is a perfect idea and I can’t believe I didn’t think of this sooner. The perfect size for your stocking!

07, 08, 09, 10 – CLOTHES! When you were 7, getting clothes for Christmas was THE worst. Now? Probably one of my favorite things to get. Funny how that works, eh? Chunky scarfs, pack o’ belts, cute accessories, and stripey socks? May your stocking look this good and you have a happy new year.

11 – A ticket stub book, to keep all your tickets for 2014. Amazing.


01 . 02 . 03 . 04 . 05 . 06 . 07 . 08 . 09 . 10 . 11 . 12 . 13 . 14

01, 02, 03 – Mancessories. Men just need pocket knifes. Odds are your man already has one. But if not, go get him one stat. He is a man after all. iPhone wallet or money clip… depending on what your man prefers to carry. Both are practical. Both are perfect stocking stuffers.

04, 05, 06 – Because usually men just stink. It’s just part of who they are. So poo-pourri because nobody wants to deal with smelling thaaaat. ManCandles, just because. And Sasquatch soap, mostly because this one made me laugh.

07 – Sometimes people think I’m joking when I say I love bowties. But aren’t they just the cutest! If your man thinks he can’t pull off a bowtie, stick one of these suckers in his stocking this Christmas and prove him wrong. Which just happens to be one of the things we women do best.

08, 09, 10, 11 – Not sure how many men love getting clothes for Christmas. But sunglasses, sports socks (that look like shoes, hello!), beanies, and gloves are so super practical. You just can’t go wrong with these as stocking stuffers.

12 – Portable fire starter. See 01 about being a man.

13  – Bacon toothpicks!!!!!! (That many exclamation points is still not enough)

14 – Retractable auxiliary cord. I actually got one of these for Christmas from my man last year and I love it. Seriously. Love it.

Ten Things I Really Said — Toddler Edition

I realize that November is the month of gratitude (and mustaches) and really, two of the things I’m most grateful for are my demon offsprings sweet children. They are the lights of my life and I can’t imagine NOT having them.

However, prior to having children I would never have imagined the things that I say on a daily basis. This morning Little Missy took things to a whole new level. So as a mini-Unqualified Opinion gratitude gift, I present “Ten Things I Really Said Within a 20 Minute Period — Toddler Edition”

I’m sure there are more editions to come . . . Things I really said.

Peanut Butter Kiss Cookies with Kids

Recently, my little guy has taken an interest in cooking.  Every Sunday he gets out his “baking stool” and we bake something together.  Bread, cake, pie, muffins, cookies . . . whatever. He
doesn’t eat sweets so it usually means we make a treat I like. He just likes to help.

Chef Sam

And crack eggs.  Seriously, the kid is obsessed with eggs.  Sometimes I catch him standing in front of the fridge examining an egg.  Not my favorite thing to find.

Every week he asks if we are going to use butter, flour, sugar and, of course, eggs.  OBSESSED!

My parents were here over the weekend and Grandpa suggested that we make Magic Cookies.

Peanut Butter Kiss Cookies

What are magic cookies you ask?  Well, they aren’t actually magic.  Once upon a time my dad asked my sister where we bought the special Hershey Kisses that don’t melt in the oven.  After what was probably ten minutes of hysterical laughter, Bethany explained that you put the Kisses on the cookies after you bake the cookies.

Magic cookies are the perfect cookie to make with little friends.  When I look for recipes to make together I look for a couple of things.

1.  The recipe must be fairly forgiving.  If a measurement is exactly right, the end result should taste about the same.  Kids love to help with ingredients and sometimes 1 cup might be a little more or less than it would be if an adult were measuring.


2.  There should be lots of steps for kids to help perform.  Sam helped me form the cookies into balls and roll them in sugar.  He also helped Grandpa unwrap Hershey Kisses. All of these steps are also great for developing fine motor skills.




3. Finally, the should be able to help from start to finish. Sam was super excited to top the cookies with Hershey Kisses and have Grandpa taste them.


Sidenote: Don’t be afraid to switch it up a bit. Caramel filled Hershey Kisses in Peanut Butter Kiss Cookies? Genius!


An Ode to Husbands

On this day, exactly 27 years ago, my life was changed forever. And I wasn’t even born yet. On this day 27 years ago is when my husband made his grand entrance into the world. On this day 27 years ago, the world got a little bit sassier. A little bit funnier. A little bit cuter. A little bit better. Ladies and gentlemen, meet the face of my future children.

kentThat face! Does that face just not make your ovaries ache? (Unless you’re, in fact, not a female… in which case, you have no ovaries.) On this day 27 years ago, the infant that became this adorable face, that became the accident-prone teenager, that became the sassy young adult, that became the best choice I’ve ever made, was born. Maybe for the sole purpose of becoming my husband.. I don’t know. But my husband he did become.

And, how cliche is it that he really is the best choice I’ve ever made? All the stupid, ignorant, heart-breaking choices I had made up until the day his name became my name were totally, 100% worth it. How great of husbands to do this for us, right? How amazing is it of them to make our miserable, self-wallowing, awkward teen years worth every second? I know I speak for wives of incredible husbands everywhere when I say, thank you, husband, and I love, love, love you.

And so, this is my ode to husbands. (And by “ode” I mean “declaration of gratitude and love.”)


To the best choice I ever made. Thanks for being that for me. Thanks for making it so that I don’t doubt “us” for a single second when I am with you.

To the friend who doesn’t leave my side for anything. Thanks for being with me. I’m not quite sure what I did to deserve having my best friend by my side, always.

To the comedian who makes me laugh when I’m sad. Or when I’m already happy. You make me happier. You make me the happiest. You get me.

To the cuddle buddy who, well, cuddles. Thanks for the snuggles. And the kisses. That’s pretty much that.

To the ear that listens when I just need to talk. Thanks for listening. Or for pretending to listen, as the case may sometimes be. Sometimes I’m just chatty, I love ya anyway.

To the confidant to whom I can tell my secrets. Thanks for the trust. I like knowing I have somewhere to vault my secrets, my desires, my doubts, my fears, my joys.


To the sass-mcfrass who sometimes makes fun of things I do or say. Thanks for keeping me humble. For keeping me on my toes. I know it’s all in jest — usually. Never a dull moment with you.

To the dynamo who works harder than anyone I’ve ever met. Thank you for your hard work and your motivation and your dedication; it is literally the sustaining force behind our small little family of two.

To the accident-prone teenager of your past. I know you think you just had a “bad year” on your dirt bike. But, anyway, thanks for being alive. And don’t you dare have a “bad year” again. I don’t do blood.

To the brother who brought me into his family for good. Thanks for having the most wonderful family. I love being able to call your parents my parents, and your siblings my siblings. I love them as I love my own family. I am the luckiest ever.

To the alpha-male in you. Thanks for changing my oil, checking my breaks, getting me new tires. Thanks for grilling dinner. Thanks for hanging shelves. Thanks for fixing the toilet and the faucet and the water heater. Thanks for doing man-stuff. You keep doin’ your thang, because I sure can’t.

IMG_0505bwTo my other half. Thanks for being human. You’re not perfect. And I am most definitely not perfect. We’re human, we make mistakes. Your mistakes remind me that it’s OK to struggle on occasion. We learn and we grow, but we do it together. And, anyway, the struggles remind me that the good times we have are the absolute best.

Because you really, truly are the best thing that’s ever happened to me. My best choice ever. I pat me on the back. Good job, self.

Happy Birthday! And thanks for being in my life, husband.

Making Friends As An Adult

Making Friends
My sweet friend Buddy, It only took 32 years to find her, convince her to be my friend and then convince her to throw me a fantastic baby shower. XOX

Let me start by saying, “Yes, I did just post a photo of my 9 month pregnant self on the internet.” Awesome huh?  Why would I do this? Because we today we are talking about female friendship. More specifically, making friends. There is no better way to start this conversation than to share a photo of a friend of mine that I didn’t make until I was 32. We were destined to be friends despite our different stages in life, child rearing and marriage. A friend that I was happy to partially name my sweet daughter after.

Ladies, making friends can be tough stuff. It has always been tough.  I remember when I was in first grade my “best friend” invited that dumb Darrell to her birthday instead of me.  Say what!? My seven year old heart was broken. Then in third grade there was some swapping of besties that just hurt everyone’s feelings. Let’s not even get started on Middle School, High School and College.  There are plenty of angsty-teen movies that cover that topic.

Let’s talk about “Grown-up Mommy Friendship”.  Recently, one of my oldest besties (who lives way too far away) called me and said, “Trace? Do you feel like you are still cool?”  The answers to that was, “Heavens, no.”  You people read my ramblings, I think we all know that my coolness level is definitely on the low end.  But hey, I’m nice and I like to hand out cupcakes.  That’ll suffice in most social situations.

As we continued our chat I realized she was probably asking questions that we all ask ourselves. “Do you feel like you have friends? And if so are they ‘cool’ friends? Do you feel like you are a part of something? Do you ever feel like other women know/have something you don’t? Do you feel like you are measuring up enough to provide/model adequate social interactions for your children?”

Then the biggest question. “Why does it seem so much harder to make friends as you get older?”

Our family is preparing to move to a new city in the next 6 weeks. Lucky for me, I’m pretty social and I  belong to a church that highly encourages (Dare I say, sometimes forces?) you to be friends within the congregation. It is just how Mormons roll. We love to serve and “friendship” people. So when you move, theoretically you already have a social network. There’s a good chance someone will even bring you cookies.

Unfortunately, a tray of cookies isn’t always enough to start a long and lasting relationship. You can’t count on religious desire or cultural expectations to magically ignite friendships. We still have to make an effort. In my opinion, the biggest thing that holds women back is what I like to call social anxiety.

I love my friends in Austin and even though I am super outgoing, I am TERRIFIED of the fact that I’m going to have to start over in a new place. I’m going to have to put some effort into making friends.  In fact, I’m really hoping that Ben gets a job in Denver just so I can hang out with Erika. Sister-in-law + Blogeague = Guaranteed Friend and Possible Babysitter.

It is hard to put yourself out there. Don’t ask me why. If you know me, you know that I am happy to chat it up with anyone. Start a conversation with me, and I will happily tell you anything you want to know. But the second I have to go interact with women I don’t know or admire at a party, a PTA meeting or simply a new class I’m going to have a mini-panic attack. Surprising huh?  Social anxiety.

So the question is, “Why am I intimidated? Why is making friends so hard?!” I’m a friendly girl, I’m fairly intelligent and for the most part pretty easy to get along with.

I blame the internet.

Instead of secretly admiring each other’s Girbaud Jeans, ESPIRIT bags and insane collection of compact discs stashed in giant binders as we walk through the halls of secondary education, now we compete online.  We see fantastic recipes, perfect family pictures, blogs filled with parties that you would die to throw and husbands that send their wives on fantastic girls trips. Pinterest, Facebook and blogs have become the high school lunchrooms of adult women.  We think we know exactly what others have and therefore, we think we know what we are missing out on. All one has to do is check their Facebook feed to find that every one of our friends (or acquaintances) is either crafting, cooking, running or leading the life of a glamorous business woman.

Here’s the deal ladies – almost all of us feel this way. But you know what?  No one knows what goes on behind the screen.  Just as a photographer is only going to feature their best photos on their website, how often do we find ourselves sharing only the things that make us look good. How often are we really candid and honest about our lives? Maybe your friend that always posts fantastic recipes constantly has a sink full of dirty dishes.  Maybe this causes a strain on her marriage. Perhaps your friend that is in fantastic shape and running a marathon once a month is doing so to minimize the effect of diabetes in her life. It is easy to see the successes of others without considering their challenges.

Now, don’t get me wrong, the internet is not the place to air you dirty laundry.  However, it can be a wonderful tool to help us honestly connect with others and keep in touch with the people that we love. Unfortunately it is also a place that perpetuates competition.

I say, “Stop competing.”

Life isn’t a race. It is the chance to interact with our fellow man. A chance to build loving and lasting relationships. Life is the opportunity to learn from others and share our very best qualities with them. Life is the time for making friends.

The trick to making friends is to put yourself out there. Be transparent. Share your insecurities. Let people know what you need. Let people in. Everyone needs a friend.

Recently a couple of women joined our congregation.  I have been so impressed by their efforts to make friends.  Rather than being intimidated and hoping that someone will make an effort to be friends with them, they are seeking out opportunities. They are setting up lunch dates, play dates, gym dates and inviting others over to watch sporting events. These are the women that I would like to emulate. They are shaking things up and creating their own social events.  And you know what? People are responding.  These women have taken control of female social anxiety and in turn have created opportunities to get to know others and in turn help others as they struggle making friends.

You don’t have to make it difficult.  You just have to make an effort.

Someone remind me to take my own advice in a couple week mmmkay?



CASA Superhero Run 2013 Austin

Superhero Run

It is official. I signed up for my first 5K – the CASA Superhero Run on September 21st. We’ve talked about our “running” progress on the blog a couple of times. Sarah shared our Running Playlists for Slowpokes. I shared the 5 Things I Learned From Couch to 5K. Well, after MONTHS of running, the time has come for me to put myself out there and make it happen.

I’m terrified.

Sam and I will run the Superhero Run Kid’s 1K together and then I will be attempting the 5K on my own with my sweet family cheering me on. Sam is on his fourth week of training. We found a training program here. He is up to running 6 minute intervals. Later this week, he will start running 8 minute intervals. Our goal is to have him finish the 1K in 10 minutes or less. I’m confident that he can do it. My goal is to finish and not come in last place. I’m mostly confident that I can do it.

Help Us Raise Money for the CASA Superhero Run

Normally, I hate imposing on others by asking them to donate. However, based on the cause, I’m going to put it out there.

CASA speaks up for children who’ve been abused or neglected by empowering our community to volunteer as advocates for them in the court system. When the state steps in to protect a child’s safety, a judge appoints a trained CASA volunteer to make independent and informed recommendations in the child’s best interest. CASA volunteers – true superheroes – ensure that each child’s individual needs remain a priority in an over-burdened child welfare system.

Sam and I have worked really hard to prepare ourselves for the race. This is something that I never thought I would be able to do. I’ve lost 25 pounds training. Sam has increased his endurance and often asks us if we can go for a run. Our family has spent quality time together running and we’ve developed healthy fitness habits along the way. All because I gave into Sarah’s peer pressure and started Couch to 5K with Sarah. Words cannot express how proud I am of our little family.

So, if you feel like supporting a great cause, check out our fundraising page for the CASA Superhero Run or you can fill out the donation form below. We would appreciate any help you can give us so we can achieve our goal. Or you can simply join us that morning for the run. We would love to have some friends run along with us!

Simple Birthday Party Ideas – Non-Pinterest Birthday Party

Simple Birthday Party IdeasOk. So we need to take a minute to talk about birthday parties. Why don’t you see  simple birthday party ideas online?  I love fancy themed birthday parties. I could spend hours upon hours pinning my little heart out planning the perfect party. Someday I would love to throw extravagant parties for my children. I just don’t have the space or the money.

But let’s get real here for a second. Don’t you think sometimes we are placing the expectations a little high? Are we throwing these parties for our kids? Are we doing it because it is what our kids want or are we doing it because we want to give them something that we think they want? Is our version of an amazing party the same as their version?

I’m not saying that this is always the case. I have friends who LOVE to throw fantastic parties. They are good at it. Their kids love them. I also know that some kids have definite ideas about what they want in a birthday party. As a mom, you absolutely want to make your kids happy. I’m just wondering if maybe by throwing these parties we are creating unreasonable expectations for ourselves and therefore our kids as well.

So thanks to my friend Andrea, here is my new mantra, “Capitalize on low expectations.” And lucky for me, my kids have low expectations. My kids just don’t care. Seriously. They just want to play with friends, have treats, blow out candles and open presents.

Since Sam’s birthday is next Monday, which happens to be the first day of Kindergarten, I knew (and the parents of his besties knew) we needed to have a party this week. We kicked around a couple of ideas: bowling, swimming, Chuck E. Cheese, water parks. I just kept struggling with the cost and preparation time involved. I needed to come up with some simple birthday party ideas.

After hours of researching and calculating I finally decided we were throwing the easiest, last-minute party you’ve ever seen. Splash pad. Batman cupcakes. Treats. Juice boxes. That’s it. I decided Monday morning. Called and texted friends, had the party Tuesday morning. That’s how we roll.

The Location:

I rented a pavilion at our favorite splash pad, The Quarry Splash Pad in Leander, TX. If you live in Austin and haven’t been, get yourself there quick. The pavilion had three tables, shade and the perfect view of the small end of the splash pad. I paid for admission for most of our friends—it is a $1 per person. Cost: $25 for the pavilion, $16 for admission.

The Food:

For food, originally I had planned on making cupcakes. Here’s the deal. Sam doesn’t even like cake. However, he knows that it is part of birthdays. He also loves to blow out candles. Last year, I made him some Angry Bird cupcakes. They were intricate and darling. They also took forever and required tons of supplies.Before cupcakesThen the Texas heat happened.

After Cupcakes

So instead of killing myself making albeit cute and delicious cupcakes, this year I hit Walmart. The lady in the bakery had a dozen frozen Batman cupcakes. (Seriously, I love the Walmart bakery ladies.) I bought another dozen for the adults. The cupcakes went straight into my freezer at home.  They were perfect by the time we decided to eat them.

Freeze your cupcakes, people.

Twenty-four cupcakes: $12. More than I would have spent had I made them myself. Time I saved by buying them? At least 2 hours. Totally worth it.

I also bought a bunch of water, Capri Suns, apple juice, fruit snacks, cookie snack bags and a giant bag of Pirate Booty.  Perfect. Food cost including paper goods: $40

Cost Breakdown:

 Pavilion $25 + Splash park admission: $16 + Food $40 (including cupcakes) = $81

So, for the bargain price of $81 we had a fantastic party with 20 guests (Four friends, their mothers and siblings, along with my aunt, cousins and grandmother). Sam had fun. Our guests had fun. I had fun. Best of all, it totally wiped out all of the kids for afternoon naps.

In closing I just want to say, don’t kill yourself. Plan a party you all can enjoy. If that’s a big party, go for it. If you can get away with it, take the Tracey route.

Stay classy San Diego.

Winner Winner Bento Dinner! Or Lunch.

Back To School BentoWe have winner!!!  Congratulations to Amy H!

Amy is actually one of our original readers! She has been telling me (Tracey) that I should have a food blog for years. This is quite the compliment coming from someone who actually HAS a food blog.



As the mother of four boys, (yes, FOUR BOYS) Amy knows a lot about feeding families.  Go check her out. Maybe we can convince her to do a post on kid’s lunches.

I just want to know who is going to luck out and get the Bento Box.  My money is on her husband.

Congratulations Amy!

Disclaimer: This is a non-sponsored post. We bought our own stuff and Amy was chosen by Rafflecopter. We just happen to love her and her blog so we thought we’d share. Now, go try her salsa. 

The Time I Banned Electronics. A Screen-Free Week

Screen FreeLet’s talk about an unhealthy addiction in my home. I’m not talking about the insane quantities of Pirate Booty, apple juice or diet soda consumed on a daily basis. Those addictions are going to take some professional help. I’m talking about electronics.

Here’s the skinny. Lots of devices/gaming systems/phones. Two adults. Two kids. Eight eyes glued to a screen. One little boy who gets really, uh, intense after too much screen time.

It all came to a head Saturday. My sweet aunt and grandmother watched my kids while Ben and I attended the temple for our church. When we returned, my 6-year old cousin informed me that my son “broke the iPad”.  Sure enough, in a fit of electronics-induced rage, he chucked the iPad (theirs, not ours) and chipped a corner. Mortified people. Mortified.

The ride from San Antonio to Austin was not pleasant for my little guy. By the time we reached our house he had managed to lose all electronics (besides TV) until Wednesday.

Then in a moment of inner reflection, meaning Ben wasn’t home to stop my crazy plan, I decided we are imposing a modified, screen-free week.

Here’s the plan:

  1. No handheld electronics for all inmates residents under the age of 30. This includes iPads, tablets, e-readers, smart phones and gaming systems.
  2. Drastically reduced phone and internet surfing time for mom. I have photo shoots to process and a blog to contribute to so I can’t go cold turkey. I will try to limit this to child-sleeping hours as much as possible. Check out me justifying my addiction.
  3. Limited TV time. I’m thinking two hours a day. Still need to discuss this with Ben.
  4. One “summer fun” activity each day. Something physical.
  5. One engaged family activity each night. Everyone has to be able to see each other and converse. Dinner doesn’t count.

Has any one else unplugged their families?  Any thoughts? Ideas? Sanity savers? Please share. I’ll let you know next week how it all shakes out. This might be one long week.