Breaking Bad (Habits) Part 2

So dieting….. am I right?? Just to give you an idea of how it is going, I may or may not be sipping on a Dunkin Donuts Salted Caramel Hot Chocolate and munching on a chocolate donut. In my defense, they were hand delivered to me at my office on a rough day by a sweet friend who knows how much I adore sweets (and also how much I hate diets). How could I possibly turn that down?  Am I supposed to let the poor defenseless donut die a sad death in the trash can?

I’m sure you can tell my mindset and dedication is wavering, but let me fill you in on how I got here, and really exactly where I am.

Week one was pretty darn hard, as you could tell from my first post. Day 6 was my cheat day and I took it pretty easy. I ate off my meal plan and just added in a few cheat items, like a roll or two, and a cookie or two, and a Diet Coke or two. You know, the important things!

But after going 6 straight days without sugar or dairy or carbs at all, my body didn’t handle itself very well after cheat day. I felt ill. But my cravings became harder to curb. And my will to live became less and less. So I cheated more. If we’re being totally honest, I can’t quite call it cheating if I’m still consuming way less calories than I normally should be, you know? 

On Day 14, I was down 3.5 pounds. I felt good. I was halfway to my goal weight. And the best news of all was that we got new meal plans. With more calories. And with normal food. No more chicken and spinach!! Everyone at the gym was super excited. And I have to say that I’m pretty happy with the new plan. It’s the Mexican Food meal plan and it includes things like cheese (gasp) and tortilla chips (double gasp). 

The only problem is that I misjudged just how stressed I would be at this time of year. Am I the only one who hates January??? I’ll post more on that later, but I have been turning to food to make me feel better way too often. And wouldn’t you know it, the stars aligned and I found a bakery that makes some amazing Triple Berry Tres Leches Cupcakes. Don’t ask me how I got there. I’m not sure I can recall. Bakeries must have magnets or something that force my car in the parking lot and my person through the front doors. And did I mention the Girl Scout cookies on every corner?? I mean….

So today is day 21 (of 56). I haven’t lost any additional weight this week. But I’m counting that as a win. Maintaining is just as important as losing, right? And I totally have the maintenance thing down… as long as I can keep my donut trips in check. But it was really good and totally worth it. Just sayin’…  

Obviously I still have some work to do if I ever plan to give anyone qualified advice on dieting.

Six Days of Last Minute Gifts – Sweaty Bands

During all of my years in retail, there is one thing I’ve learned: people procrastinate.  I’m not kidding when I tell you that when I worked at Target, I would have people yelling at me that they need last minute gifts as I locked the door on Christmas Eve.  So, to keep you from becoming one of those people, we present:

Six Days of Last Minute Gifts

Over the next couple of days, I will be popping in with ideas to help you off the Christmas gift-giving ledge. What can I say?  I don’t want you yelling at all of my friends who still work at Target.

Last Minute Gifts - Sweaty Bands

To start off our last minute gift ideas, may I present Sweaty Bands. Lemme tell ya.  If you struggle with keeping your hair out of your eyes when you exercise, these babies are for you.  My friend Buddy (runner extraordinaire) introduced me to them this summer.  This is not your ordinary headband.  The back is a velvety material that keeps the headband in place.  Plus, the cuteness factor is out of this world.  They have skinny bands, fat bands, bling bands, custom bands . . . you name it, they’ve got it.  I never run without them anymore.  So fantastic. Plus, they are super cute to wear all of the time.  As I type this, my hair is in a low side braid, accessorized with a skinny black sparkle band.

So.  If you have a girl on your list that needs to keep the hair outta her eyes and you need a last minute gift idea, maybe pick one up.  I bought mine at Omega Sports in Raleigh and Nordstrom also carries them.  Or you can buy them from Sweaty Bands themselves.  I can guarantee she will love it!