My Favorite Vacuum – Hoover Air Steerable

Favorite Vacuum


We like to talk about cleaning and organizing a lot around these parts.  That’s because Erika is fantastic at it and I, well, I need a lot of help.  Luckily for me, my sister-in-law/blogeague has shared a bunch of tips that have made it a lot easier for me to stay on top of cleaning.  More on that next week.  Today, we are talking about one of my favorite cleaning devices: my favorite vacuum.

Yes, I have a favorite vacuum.

Right before we moved our old vacuum died a slow and painful death.  I knew that my mother-in-law was coming and therefore I needed to take care of the pre-clean on our “Cleaning Advisory Scale” which meant a new vacuum.  Lucky for me, I have a hubby that is really good at research and he found this little treasure for me.  The Hoover Air Steerable Vacuum.

The Five Reasons This is My Favorite Vacuum

1. The suction is INSANE. I vacuum every other day and the amount of stuff that it pulls up never ceases to amaze me. At some point I am bound to run out of dust in my house. The dust bunnies cannot possibly keep up with this vacuum.  My only compliant it that sometimes the suction is too strong and it tries to eat my throw rugs.  But honestly, is that really something to complain about?

2.  It works on carpet AND my wood floors.  I use this thing everywhere in my home.  To clean my wood floors, I simply turn off the brush and suck up all of the random fruit loops that seem to magically appear on my floor.  Lemme tell ya, it sure beats sweeping every day.

3. Super light and maneuverable. Weighing in at about 18.5 lbs, I can carry it up and down the stairs with less effort than it takes to carry my toddler.  This makes vacuuming the stairs a cinch. It is super easy to steer and it is small enough that I can get into some spaces that a normal vacuum usually wont fit. Plus, my five year old can totally use it.

4. Handy hose attachment. The hose is fairly compact and easy to use. The hard plastic part slides into the body of the vacuum.  The upper handle is actually a part of the hose attachment.  This make using the hose even more convenient. Again, my 5 year old can easily use it to suck up all of the Pirate Booty that manages to make its way beneath my couch cushions.

5. Easy to empty.  The waste canister clicks into the front of the vacuum. With the push of a button it can easily be removed and then with another button, the trap door on the bottom of the canister flips open to dump the waste into the garbage can.  Easy peasy.

So there you have it, if you are looking for a new vacuum and brands like Dyson and Oreck are out of your price range, I totally recommend checking out my favorite vacuum the Hoover Air Steerable. If you are like me, you might even start to enjoy vacuuming.

Disclosure: This post is simply my opinion.  Hoover did not ask me to say nice things about them or their AMAZING vacuum. We just thought you might be interested. 


Cleaning Advisory Scale

As you might know, a little less than a month ago, the hubs got a job offer in Raleigh. In case, you didn’t know, we are already in Raleigh and settled into our new home. That is less than a month to find a place to live, pack, clean and move half way across the country.  There is no way we could have done it without my fantastic in-laws. They watched my kids, packed my house, cleaned my house, drove with us and helped me unpack.  One of the most stressful parts of the entire move was knowing that my sweet mother-in-law was going to be CLEANING MY HOUSE!  This, my friends, is a terrifying prospect.  I knew that there was no way that I would be able to have it cleaned before she arrived so I instigated what I like to call the “Please Don’t Judge Me Clean” pre-clean. It was a this point that the “Cleaning Advisory Scale” was born.

Here’s the deal. I’m not dirty, I’m just the victim of two children and far too much stuff. Some details just get pushed aside. I’m not so great a washing floorboards, wiping down my fridge or capturing the dust bunnies behind my washer and dryer on a regular basis. I am, however, pretty good at tossing all of the clutter in to my bedroom and making the house presentable within less than 10 minutes. See “Bestie Clean”.

I have a feeling I’m not the only one with this talent so I took the time to put the “Cleaning Advisory Scale” in writing.  Are you trying to figure out just how clean your house needs to be based upon circumstances? Hopefully this scale will help you decide how much to clean, or NOT to clean.

Cleaning Advisory Scale

“Dirty Week” — 10 Tips for a Clean Home

cleanhouse(image from Google)

I wholeheartedly disagree with the above statement. In fact, it’s so wholehearted a disagree that whenever I read this statement, my heart starts pounding and I become embarrassingly defensive towards whoever first said or wrote it.

I am a self-proclaimed clean freak. I can’t stand a messy, dirty, unorganized space—especially if it’s a home. If you watch “Friends” just think of me as the real-life Monica. And if you don’t watch “Friends”… well, you just should.

So, in keeping with our “dirty” theme this week, I’m going to divulge my top 10 tips for keeping your home clean. Which, you know, is the opposite of dirty. (See what we did there?) And, at the risk of making you hate me even more than you already do because I willingly compare myself to Monica, I want you all to know that I was really excited to write this post… cleaning is not a waste of my life, thank you very much.

(Disclaimer: You should know two very important bits of information about me in relation to this topic. First, I am an apartment-dweller; not a house-owner. And I have been an apartment-dweller since I started college 7 years ago. Second, I have no children. I think these two facts make quite a bit of difference when it comes to keeping “home” clean. Most apartments take less time and less effort to keep clean than a house merely because of the size difference. And I think the children thing should be self-explanatory. That said, if you are a home-owner or a child-owner, then feel free to adjust these tips to fit your specific needs.)


1) A place for everything and everything in its place — This is my number one rule for keeping your home clean. If this rule is not being followed, you can pretty much kiss a tidy home goodbye. It doesn’t matter where you put your stuff; but put it somewhere and once it’s there, unless you’re currently using it, that’s where it should always be.

2) Keep Clorox wipes under every sink — I keep wipes under every sink in my apartment. Anytime something spills or splashes, sprays or sprinkles somewhere it’s not supposed to be, I have quick access to the disinfecting wipes for an easy clean up. You can always do a deep clean later.

3) Organize — This relates to my #1 rule. Do anything you can to stay organized. Use cubbies; use baskets; use bookshelves; use drawers; use Rubbermaid containers. These fabric drawers are my favorite. I have about 10 of them in my closet, each holding a particular item (one for socks; one for work out clothes; one for belts; one for swimsuits, and so on).

4) Clean as you go — Don’t let messes pile up. Put dishes in the dishwasher immediately after you use them. Put laundry away as soon as you fold it. Put your shoes/purse/briefcase/backpack away as soon as you get home. I could go on forever, but I think you get it.

5) Dishes every day — Dirty dishes in the sink are one of my biggest pet peeves. If it’s dishwasher-safe, it goes into the dishwasher immediately when it’s done being used. If it’s not dishwasher-safe, I do dishes every night after dinner so that my sink is clean when I wake up the next morning, ready for the next day’s dishes.

6) Make your bed every single day — A made bed just makes the room look nicer. I know, you’re “just going to get into it again in 15ish hours anyway.” I don’t care. When my bed is made, it helps make it easier for me to be motivated to do the rest of my cleaning.

7) Dust! — I am allergic to just about everything, and dust is one of the worst offenders. So I dust. I dust every day. Especially in the living room. Things look better when they’re not caked in dust. And it’s literally easier for me to breath.

8) Vacuum (or sweep/mop) at least one room, once a week — And put rooms on a rotation schedule. Pick one room each week and vacuum it. Or sweep and mop it. It’s so much easier than doing your whole house at once. I dunno about you, but to me there is nothing worse than walking barefoot in my kitchen when there are crumbs on the floor. Ew.

9) Natural light — This may not seem like a valid tip for cleaning, BUT stay with me. I am a huge fan of natural light. Open the blinds; let the sunshine in. Sunshine helps me be motivated to get up off the couch or computer chair and do something. Plus, the light helps me see better when I am cleaning.

10) The trash/recycle can is your friend — Don’t let clutter be clutter. Throw away mail that you don’t need anymore. Throw away food you’re not going to eat as leftovers (or the “food” that’s been in the Tupperware in the fridge for 96 days now and is starting to move on its own—I promise you, you’re not going to eat that). Throw away that random, phantom hair you just found on your clothes that was tickling your arm (don’t just throw it on the floor). And, as a side note, take the trash out regularly.

Once you’re done, light a candle on your uncluttered kitchen counter, grab a cold drink from your organized fridge, sit back on a couch free of laundry, and enjoy the sights and smells of your surrounding cleanliness. And, if someone drops by unexpectedly, who cares! Your house looks daaang good.

And if all else fails, don’t sweat it. Even the best of us Monica-types have a dirty little cleaning secret somewhere: