Hey Megan! Get Yourself to Melvin’s Deli Comfort. Stat.

We all know that we love pastrami around these parts. Hey Megan (that’s what we call her now) also loves pastrami, so we made it our mission to find more excellent salted cured meats in Austin.

Enter Melvin’s Deli Comfort.


Oh. My. Word. The sandwich gods have sent down angels to swelter in this little red trailer all in the name of providing Austin with amazing sandwiches. For realz. The serve pork confit and duck confit. From a trailer. Thank you Melvin’s for upping the sandwich standard in Austin.

Ok . . . here’s what we ate.

Ben refuses to order the same thing as me so that meant we had to try two different things on their menu. He got the Hot Pastrami . . . stacked.

Melvin's Pastrami

As you can see, they are super generous with their meat. We could have easily shared this sandwich. The pastrami was AMAZING. It was tender and falling apart on the sandwich. This is a very good this. The pepper bark was fantastic and the smoked flavor enhanced without over powering. The house mustard is to die for as well as the soft rye bread they use to house the whole she-bang.

At the recommendation of the guy taking our order, I had the Croque Monsieur.

Croque Monsiuer

Rich, cheesy and delectable. I would 100% recommend this sandwich to anyone. The cheese. Oh, the cheese. So melt-y and perfect. The ham was sliced to the perfect thickness and blended with all of the other flavors on the sandwich. I will say, normally I would not eat a sandwich like this in 100 degree weather, but I’ll make an exception for Melvin’s.

Speaking of 100 degree weather, they have a great little setup for eating including multiple picnic tables, a shade and fans. They also pipe out tunes to enjoy as you eat. Parking is plentiful which is rare for the trailer scene. All in all, a great setup.

Due to their commitment to quality, they sometimes sell out. The guys in the trailer told us you are always welcome to call ahead to place your order. We arrived right before the rush and I can tell you, this may not be a bad idea.

Things you need to know.

 Address: Located at the corner of 53rd and Duval Rd.

 Cost: $20 for two sandwiches and chips

 Food: Upscale sandwiches. Worth the cost for the quality.

 Kid Friendly: Yes. However, I didn’t notice specific options for kids.

 Contact: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Melvins-Deli-Comfort/329838850457293


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Hey Megan! I Just Took You to Lucy’s Fried Chicken (Austin)

Lucy’s Fried Chicken was on the husband’s list of “Places That We MUST Go Try” for about 6 months before we ever made it down in January. Over the next four weekends, we ate it three times.

That’s how much we love it.

Since then, I have been raving to Sarah and Megan about the wonder known as Lucy’s Fried Chicken. Then we came up with “Hey Megan!” Then people really liked “Hey Megan!”. (Thank you Pieous!) Then Megan got famous. So tonight, Sarah, Megan and I all ventured (sans husbands and children) to Lucy’s Fried Chicken.

The moment we pulled up, someone said, “Oh, this is so Austin.” There is no higher compliment to be paid. While they have a small indoor dining room, their patio is where it is at. Fans stir the breeze as the clientele sit on wooden picnic benches and those awesome plastic chairs that we all remember from school. Whoever handles their graphic design does a fantastic job because just looking at their menu is fun. A typography dream come true.

Our service was fantastic. Kent, our waiter, automatically found a place in our hearts due to his name. Both Sarah and I have brothers named Kent. He was friendly, helpful and super attentive.

The actual menu itself is amazing. They specialize in chicken and oysters. Tonight we chose to stick with chicken because someone in our group (cough, cough, Megan) is a Boston girl and doesn’t trust seafood outside of her beloved New England. Whatever.

Anywho. As we wanted to eat EVERYTHING on the menu, we finally decided on a small collection of things to sample. And by small, I mean all of this. For three women.

Lucy's Fried Chicken

Basically we voted on everything we wanted to eat and then we narrowed it down. Sorry that the photo is a little blurry. I was afraid someone was going to start gnawing on my arm mistaking it for a piece of chicken.

So let’s go in course order. At least, the order we would have eaten in had we not dove into this mass all at once.

LemonadeSarah started with the lemonade. This is some serious lemonade, people. Slightly fizzy with the sweet and the tart balanced just right. My sister had it when she was in town and I think my dad drank a good portion of her glass.



Next up, the appetizers. We chose to have the cornbread muffins (Megan’s favorite) and the fried deviled eggs. Yup. I just said, “fried deviled eggs.” I should also mention they come with a serving of bacon aioli. The cornbread muffins have bits of corn and pepper in them and they are heavenly. The deviled eggs are a fantastically over-the-top, southern, spicy surprise. The only problem is, after eating one, you seriously start to question the choices you are making in life. Maybe just stop at one. But enjoy that one because they are pretty tasty.

Next up are the sides. We ordered a selection.

Mexican Cola Sweet Potatoes Crab Boil Potato Salad







We decided to go with the Mexican Cola Sweet Potatoes and the Crab-Boil Potato Salad. Both were good but the sweet potatoes came out the winner in the race. Whoever thought to put Mexican Cola in sweet potatoes deserves an award. They are sweet and gently mashed to the perfect texture. The cola doesn’t over-power the potatoes; it adds just a little something special.

IMG_7825 IMG_7828





Our other two sides are technically entrees. We treated them as sides. I know — we are wild and crazy. On the left are the “Local Farm Vegetables”. Our selection included fried green tomatoes, grilled kale, broccoli, okra and beets. Truth be told, I am not a huge veggie eater but I ate everything on that plate and enjoyed every single bite. The fried green tomatoes are done with the same batter used on the fried deviled eggs. They are served on top of a cream sauce (dill maybe?) that complimented the slightly spicy batter perfectly. The grilled kale was a lovely surprise. Even the okra was really good. And none of us really like okra.

On the right is the Macaroni and Cheese. Sarah said, “This is like Grandma’s macaroni and cheese.” It includes smoked cheddar, provolone and swiss. Then they top it with . . . are you ready . . . cornbread crumbs. I just died.

Lucy's Fried Chicken

Finally, we come to the chicken. Here’s the thing. I don’t really love fried chicken. You heard me. I don’t like the grease, it is hard to cook correctly, and I’m too lazy to deal with the bones when I eat it. But this fried chicken makes my heart sing. The breading is perfect. Never greasy. It is crunchy and flavorful and it stays properly adhered to the chicken. The chicken itself is perfectly cooked and moist throughout. Also, thanks to the first waiter I ever had there, I learned that honey mixed with hot sauce is the best way to eat it. I will never eat it any other way. If you aren’t a huge fried chicken fan, give Lucy’s a shot. They may just convert you.








Finally, let’s talk about the pie. We had the hot chocolate pie and the lime pie. The chocolate pie is basically chocolate ganache in a pie crust topped with a toasted marshmallow and whipped cream. Heavenly and rich. The lime pie is my favorite. I am a connoisseur of key-lime pie and this particular version might very well be my favorite. It is creamy and limey without being too tart. I can eat an entire slice without succumbing to heartburn. That is saying something.

In conclusion, Megan and Sarah really enjoyed their dinner and I earned additional food credibility. Sarah says, “Come for the chicken. Stay for the sides — especially the vegetable plate.” Megan said, “Where are we going next?” I say, “I can’t move.” But before I roll myself off to bed . . .

Things you need to know.

Address: 2218 College Ave, Austin, TX 78704

Cost: $$ (Our check was about $70 before tip.)

Food: Perfect home-style cooking with a bit of flair.

Kid Friendly: Yes, although running around the patio may be tempting for some. However, this place is super casual so I wouldn’t worry too much.

Pepsi or Coke?: Coke. But no Diet Dr. Pepper. Bummer.

Contact: http://lucysfriedchicken.com/

Note: As with everything in the South Congress area, parking is limited.

Hey Megan! Today we ate at Pieous. (Austin Restaurant)

Sarah and I have a friend named Megan. Every time I mention a restaurant we have tried she says, “Will you please just text me a list of places you eat?”

So, in Megan’s honor, we are going to start a new series called, “Hey Megan!” in which we feature the restaurants that we try and love along with off-the-cuff iPhone photos. (Because I always feel conspicuous when I haul out my giant DSLR to take pictures of my food.) For the most part, they will be Austin establishments. Sarah and I live here. Erika will also feature some Denver eateries. I’m sure we will all feature places we encounter in our travels.

Let’s roll . . .



After MONTHS of wanting to try Pieous, today we made the trek south to give it a shot. As their name might suggest, they serve pie. As in pizza pie and dessert pie. When I told Sarah about it, she immediately wanted to eat there because of their name. Sarah loves herself a good play on words.

First off, this place is darling. It is exactly what I hope for in an Austin eatery. It’s a little red building with a porch. Think general store. Their parking lot? Gravel. Gravel occupied by Mercedes. This should be your first clue you are in Texas. The inside is just as good. The lines are clean and modern. The wood fire pizza oven sits in a wall covered with white subway tiles. My favorite.

And the walls. Oh, the walls. Chalkboard. All of them. Chalkboards with perfect chalk drawings. Cutest thing ever. I wish I had taken more photos.pieous-counterIf that weren’t enough, they have a whole corner set aside for customers to draw on. We got a table adjacent to this wall. A mother’s paradise.

PizzaNow, let’s talk about the food. I ordered the margherita pizza. The tomatoes were perfectly crushed and lovely. The mozzarella was gooey and delicious and the basil added just the right amount of herbiness (pretty sure I just made up that word) to the entire thing. Then there is the crust. If you are a fan of thin pizza, eat here immediately. It was thin without being overly chewy or crunchy. My kids ate an entire piece. Each.


EllyMissy is still little so sometimes she struggles with the chewiness of thin crust pizza but she plowed through this pizza. I could not get it in her mouth fast enough. She ate her crust and her brother’s. Ben said she was rubbing the crust all over her face. A sure sign that she enjoyed it. Even my picky son ate the pizza. This is a monumental event in and of itself. I cannot say enough good things about this pizza. I also can’t wait to go back and try some of their other flavors.


This photos does not do this sandwich justice.

Now. We have talk about the pastrami.

“I find pastrami to be the most sensual of all the salted cured meats.” – Vivian, Seinfeld. For real Vivian. For real.

Oh. My. Goodness. Let me put it this way. I asked Ben if we could order another to take home. This is seriously the best pastrami I have ever eaten. In my entire life. Ben only gave me two bites. TWO! You better believe they were some pretty big bites. He claims that it is one of the best sandwiches he has ever had. He’s not exaggerating. The bread was soft and flavorful. The whole grain mustard enhanced without overshadowing the other ingredients. The pastrami itself is what food dreams are made of. As we were leaving, one of the owners – who was lovely, by the way – asked how everything was. We got into a lengthy discussion regarding the pastrami. I may have asked her to put it on a pizza. She assured me that her husband is looking for the perfect way to make it happen. I will be moving to Hays county when this occurs.

TirimusuFinally. The dessert. Chocolate Pecan Pie and Tiramisu. I am allergic to pecans and Ben hasn’t tried it yet – he’s saving it for later – but it made its way on to the list of “The 5 best pecan pies in town — the official pie of Texas”. I’m certain it will be tasty.

The Tiramisu was heavenly. Light and fluffy with just the slightest hint of coffee. I ate the entire thing in the car on the way home. Ben had to roll me inside.


Things you need to know.

Address: 12005 HIGHWAY 290 W, Austin, TX.

Cost: $$ (Our pizza, sandwich, two drinks, two desserts and tip came out to around $40)

Food: Perfect Pie. All around. Get the pastrami.

Kid Friendly: Emphatic yes! The owners’ young daughter swiped Ben’s card for him.

Pepsi or Coke?: Coke. But no Diet Dr. Pepper. Bummer.

Contact: https://www.facebook.com/Pieous